A List of our Services

PC / Laptop Repair

Is your PC slow, or worse... Broken? We specialize in correcting these issues on PC's and Laptops alike. Stop by and stop wasting your valuable time with something you can leave to the experts.

iPhone Screen Repair

Crack the front or back screen on your iPhone recently? Not covered under warranty. Swing by and restore it to new.

Specialized Car Integration

GPS, electronic ignition, phone to car integration? We have solutions to fit everyone's budget. Come on by and let us know what you are interested in.

Networking Services for Home and Business

Is your wireless router secured down properly? We have services to come on site and correct that in the convenience of your own home. We offer lots of other services related to networking. Just ask.

Complete Home Control

Interested in a keyless lock system for your home. Did you forget to turn on the heat or A/C this morning? These and many other technologies are part of our home services at TechBox.


Media Management

Do you have life's most precious memories stored on your computer with no backup in site? We can help maintain those memories for years to come. Stop by to see our simple but effective solutions.