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 “With their expertise in IT and communications, the Techbox team has helped get our business up and running quickly and securely. Rodney, Devin, and Ed invested significant time setting up our networks and troubleshooting with third party services to make sure our systems were set up properly. They now keep us running smoothly and efficiently by responding to requests immediately and taking the initiative to spot potential problems before they happen so that we can focus our time on running our business."

Jenkins Petersen, PLC 

"I can't tell you what a relief it is as a business owner to have computer professionals that can quickly respond to and accurately address technical issues and malfunctions with the operating systems that keep us working. Our days wasting time and money with call center trouble shooters or off site repairs are over. Tech Box offers personalized service by knowledgeable staff. You can trust them with sensitive information that you may have stored in your computer and they stand behind their work without nickel and diming you to death. You pay a fair price and you get what was promised. No fine print or agenda to sell you things you don't need. EXCELLENT in customer service!"

Faith Gil
Lollipop Station LLC 

"TechBox has offered us fast and friendly service in their very clear area of expertise! They have been able to quickly resolve any and all questions and issues we've had including hardware upgrades and maintenance, software updates, networking, database hosting, backups and more."

Susie Payne
Payne Pools 


"Since Techbox took over, our system has been functioning perfectly. My stress level is down 50%. My experience with Rodney and Erik has been excellent. They have addressed every little issue promptly and expertly and I now have more time to do what I am trained to do. My only complaint is that I didn’t start doing business with you guys a year ago."

Charles Bowman
Higginbotham and Bowman, P.L.C.


“When TechBox Service Manager Rodney Larson started providing computer support to Central Virginia Insurance, he remotely accessed my computer and performed clean-up work that improved the computer’s overall performance. It was great! When my computer starting shutting down with a systems failure message, Rodney was available during the evening hours and recommended I purchase an external hard drive(EHD) as soon as possible in order to back-up the computer. This advice was right on the money because when the computer finally did fail, all I had to do was take it and the EHD to TechBox. Rodney installed a new internal hard drive and used the EHD to set-up the computer just like it was before. Rodney provided EXCELLENT service which allowed me to meet the crop insurance needs of my farmers.”

Steve Grant
Crop Insurance Specialist