Why Choose TechBox?


Work with Your Software

We work with and aim to train ourselves on the most frequently used Practice Management software such as EagleSoft, Dentrix, SoftDent, and more!


HIPAA Compliance

We are trained in HIPAA compliance and understand your dentist office's security needs. Our goal is to help align your office to comply with these standards.


Speak Non-Tech Language

We train our staff to speak to you and your team in way which you can understand what we are doing and avoid using all that technical jargon.


24/7 Monitoring

Our systems are designed to keep a pulse check on your most important technology to ensure it is healthy!


Backing Up Data and Testing Backups

Many IT companies will take the backup but will they test it? We understand that those backups like all other technology can fail which is why we have a built in monthly process to test those.


Help Create Productive and Scalable Office

Our Technology Business Meetings are set up to help you leverage and get the most of your technology.

Contact Us

Email: service@yourtechbox.com

Phone: (540) 409 - 5854

Address: Culpeper, VA.

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