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Keep your data and assets safe with reliable and ongoing protection.

Get the right friendly and understanding support you need to get your work done!

Don’t lose your data because you didn’t have the right solution in-place.

Keep productivity high with the right type of licensing for your business.

We keep close tabs on your network and computers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We make sure to stay on the same page with your business so that we can best and most effectively help you.

The Benefits of Working With Techbox

Fix it before it breaks

System health monitoring that provide real-time alerts to keep your device running smoothly.

Boost Your Team's Cyber Awareness

Robust and secure environment that will keep the bad guys out.

Normalize Up-time

Backup systems that will keep your data safe and allow your business to keep going.

Create a More Productive Environment

Microsoft 365 licensing as a part of our full service IT.

Close Security Gaps

Anti-virus, advanced cyber protection, email malware protection.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your competition

With strategic planning, the odds of dominating your competition and being on the cutting edge of technology increase.

Our Clients

Discover the experiences of our satisfied clients.

TechBox creates solutions to manage technology challenges so the customer can focus on their business.

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Protect your valuable data and enhance productivity with our expert IT services.

The TechBox Way

We have a 100+ point checklist of specific steps during the onboarding process and a set system to create a smooth process from start to finish and allow our continual support to be provided easily and quickly.

1. Collect Information

In this part of our onboarding we ensure we are getting all the necessary information as it relates to communication and technology.

2. Kick Off Meeting

Here we are working with you and discussing our processes and making sure that we are on the same page.

3. Implement Technology and Tools

This is the technical part where we push out all our tools and security to create a secure and healthy environment.

4. On-going Support

At this point, we are providing checks every month to keep your technology running smoothly and efficienciently.


Stay updated with IT trends and learn new strategies.

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We cover a large list of items in the contract. However, this does depend on which tier you select from our plans. In almost every case adds, moves, and/or changes are always a billable charge, and anything that is the maintenance of the OS, hardware, or software is covered.
“Long answer”, “Short answer: It depends.” We have three tiers with our contract plan options and each one is priced differently. It will vary based on the number of users, computers and your network infrastructure. To get a quote, schedule a free consultation today!
We always aim to respond quickly to everything, but we are a shared IT Support business and have to prioritize the most important items first in the order they were received. We categorize ticket requests from high to low, oldest to newest. This ensures a smooth workflow and gets the most important items completed first.
Absolutely! If you need help today, give us a call, and we will get to work on your issue as soon as possible.

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