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About Us

We started TechBox in 2013 and the company has been supporting our local small business community since then. We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves in taking great care of your technology. Our goal for every business we work with is to create a more productive and efficient work environment, leveraging technology!

Our Mission

TechBox creates solutions to manage technology challenges so the customer can focus on their business.

Our Values


We exhibit excellence in all of our work. It’s easy to neglect the items you don’t prize as highly as others, but it is important to us that we follow through knowing it contributes to our client's and the our Team’s best interests.


We communicate and act with honesty. We want regular communication with clients and team members. Listening to the customer’s pain points and finding the actual issue is most important.


We show integrity by doing the right thing. We stand behind doing what is right by the customer.


We exemplify respect with our Team and Clients. We believe conversations about our clients should be relevant to the issue(s) and possible solution(s).


We demonstrate patience when explaining and instructing team members and our clients. We know all skill levels vary, and we were all at the same point on the learning curve at one time or another.

Secure Your Business Today

Protect your valuable data and enhance productivity with our expert IT services.
IT Cyber Security

Most small businesses may have an antivirus. Is that enough? Often times, it’s not. We live in an ever-changing world where there are new cyber threats every day if not every hour, and your standard antivirus can’t always catch that. The solutions that we provide have more advanced technology to catch those less known threats.

On the surface level, our machines may appear to be working fine, but often there are small things going in the background on that can make a big difference on performance and security. Our monitoring solution allows us to be proactive instead of reactive.

We all have back ups for our data? Right? Right?! While we may back up our systems, how do you know if your backups are completing successfully? How do you know if they can restore fully? We provide backups that not only are checked to ensure completion, but also provide continuous service of the data should a catastrophe happen. Don’t leave your data up to chance, it’s your most valuable asset!

You may have Microsoft 365, but are you using all of the features in your license? Are you paying for the right license? These questions we can provide answers to and help you to leverage Microsoft 365 to grow your business!

More About Our Services

When was the last time your IT team sat down with you and discussed your technology? We believe that it is important to have regular discussions on this topic, and ensure that you are leveraging your technology to align best with your business goals. We provide comprehensive reports that will inform you on ways to improve your productivity and efficiency with technology.

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