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We cover a large list of items in the contract. However, this does depend on which tier you select from our plans. In almost every case adds, moves, and/or changes are always a billable charge, and anything that is the maintenance of the OS, hardware, or software is covered.
“Long answer”, “Short answer: It depends.” We have three tiers with our contract plan options and each one is priced differently. It will vary based on the number of users, computers and your network infrastructure. To get a quote, schedule a free consultation today!
We always aim to respond quickly to everything, but we are a shared IT Support business and have to prioritize the most important items first in the order they were received. We categorize ticket requests from high to low, oldest to newest. This ensures a smooth workflow and gets the most important items completed first.
Absolutely! If you need help today, give us a call, and we will get to work on your issue as soon as possible.

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