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Why Choose Us?

IT service providers are a dime a dozen. So what separates us from other IT service providers?

We are many things here at TechBox, but we differentiate ourselves by are easy to reach systems, the solutions we provide are cutting edge and we build them with efficiency and growth in mind.

Easy To Reach Systems

We provide a number of different ways to get a hold of us. We know how frustrating it can be when there are limited if not any options seeming way to get a hold of your IT. Not only do we install an application on your computer, to allow you to communicate with us, and Access your account, but we also are easy to reach via phone as well as through our website via chat. 

we are always looking to implement the latest in technology, both with hardware and software to help you leverage and get the most out of your tech.

Our policies and systems that we put in place are designed to make the experience with us really good and allow for the most efficient use of our time and yours when working with your tech.

Fix It Before It Breaks

Automated monitoring done via software. System health monitoring that provide real-time alerts to keep your device running smoothly.

On the surface level, our machines may appear to be working fine, but often there are small things going in the background on that can make a big difference on performance and security. Our monitoring solution allows us to be proactive instead of reactive.

Boost Your Team’s Cyber Awareness

Security awareness training and fake phishing attacks to build up a fortress against fsecurity breaches.

While you may not want to admit it, your team is the weakest link in keeping your technology secure. Our aim is to educate and inform your team of the real threats and in turn create a stronger wall against cyber threats.

Make Reliable Up-time The Standard

We all have backups for our data. Right? Right?! While we may back up our systems, how do you know if your backups are completing successfully? How do you know if they can restore fully? We provide backups that not only are checked to ensure completion, but also provide continuous service of the data should a catastrophe happen. Don’t leave your data up to chance, it’s your most valuable asset!

Create A More Productive Environment

Microsoft 365 licensing as a part of our full service IT.

You may have Microsoft 365, but are you using all of the features in your license? Are you paying for the right license? These questions we can provide answers to and help you to leverage Microsoft 365 to grow your business!

Close Security Gaps

Anti-virus, advanced cyber protection, email malware protection.

Most small businesses may have an antivirus. Is that enough? Often times, it’s not. We live in an ever-changing world where there are new cyber threats every day if not every hour, and your standard antivirus can’t always catch that. The solutions that we provide have more advanced technology to catch those less known threats.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Tech

Help clients take advantage of the latest in technology.

When was the last time your IT team sat down with you and discussed your technology? We believe that it is important to have regular discussions on this topic, and ensure that you are leveraging your technology to align best with your business goals. We provide comprehensive reports that will inform you on ways to improve your productivity and efficiency with technology.

Secure Your Business Today

Protect your valuable data and enhance productivity with our expert IT services.

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